Why is R3+ NMN250 unique?

With the growing popularity of NMN supplements reaching out in awareness to more people, you might be wondering what makes NMN250 different from all the other NMN out there in the market. Today we are going to break down why R3+ NMN250 is the best choice for you.

The main thing that makes NMN250 unique is the fact that it contains three supplements, a triple energy boost in one tablet.

The three ingredients are:

•NMN 250mg

•Ubiquinol 50mg

•Astaxanthin 5mg

NAD+ and our body

The three products that make up R3 are specially selected from other longevity molecules because combined, they have a synergistic effect in boosting energy to youthful levels, repairing damaged molecular bits and cellular parts, and promoting health span. They are metabolically active at the molecular and cellular levels and energize the cell’s powerhouse, the mitochondria.

NMN is the active precursor of NAD+ which is present in every body cell. NAD+ is essential for the fundamental biological processes of each cell of the body and is responsible for its health and energy production and for DNA repair. It is the fuel that fires up the mitochondria.

NMN 250

Astaxanthin is derived from a variety of sea creatures and was shown to increase lifespan in the Interventions Testing Programme. Its power as an antioxidant is incomparable (6000x stronger than vitamin C), and it gobbles up free radicals like the eponymous Pac-Man eating up all the dots in a maze. It also cools down inflammation. Both these actions improve heart health, and the cognitive function of the brain, and add power to muscle and smoothness to the skin. It also helps metabolic health, cutting down on obesity and diabetes.

Ubiquinol  (the active form of Co-Enzyme Q-10) is a molecule produced by the body and is also present in almost all cells. It has a fundamental role in cellular energy production. Its presence perks up the energy level of a person and gives a sense of physical well-being, increases exercise capacity, protects the heart, and prevents migraine and severe complications of statin therapy. Working together with lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, good sleep, and spending quality time with family and friends, R3+ is a game-changer for your health.

R3+: the 3-in-1 formula in one tablet to change your life for the better.

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