NMN: Is this the Holy Grail?

We all want to live long and be healthy till the end of our lifespan. Since time immemorial man has been searching for the holy grail of eternal life. By studying and understanding the biology of ageing, and targeting its hallmarks, we may finally have unlocked the Holy Grail of Eternal Youth!

Well, if not eternal youth, at least to live much longer than our forefathers. Researchers believe a baby born today can potentially live to 150 years old. That is, if our current knowledge is translated to the clinical application of transformative treatments!There is no point living to 100 years old and spending the last twenty years feeling sick in bed. We therefore NEED to extend lifespan and compress morbidity at the same time, for the extended lifespan to be meaningful.

The NMN pill can be the key to reverse the effects of ageing!

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