What is NMN 250 by R3 Plus?

This groundbreaking product is the first of its kind, featuring three powerful ingredients NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), Ubiquinol, and Astaxanthin – all in one tablet.

  • Boost energy levels
  • Reverse aging at a cellular level
  • Aid recovery after illness or injury
  • Promotes health and longer life span

The first ingredients is NMN. It is a protein which forms NAD in the body. NAD+ is the fuel for our cells. When we grow older, this protein becomes less, and we feel older and more tired. The energy and state of being young again can be restored by bringing levels of NAD+ back to normal again. NMN replenishes NAD and energises the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondris.

The second ingredient is Ubiquinol. It is the best form of Co Enzyme Q10. It increases exercise capacity, protects the heart, prevents migraine and complications of statin therapy.

The third ingredient is Astaxanthin. It is the master antioxidant preventing cells from rusting and being corroded during its metabbolic activity. It is 6000 times more effective than Vitamin C in antioxidant properties

NAD: The Elixir of Youth

The biology of aging at the cellular level. NAD (short for Nicotinamide) is as essential a component of the individual cell as water. If it is absent the cell will die.

Each cell of our body has a nucleus and an external cell membrane. Outside the nucleus and within the cell membrane is a fluid called cytoplasm, and within the cytoplasm swims, amongst other organelles, these mitochondria (plural for mitochondrion). The mitochondria are responsible for the various activities of the cell.
NAD is the fuel that activates the cell powerhouses called mitochondria through the sirtuin group of enzymes. It plays a part in all fundamental biological processes. In short, it is the longevity activator.

How to increase NAD+ level in body?

1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. NAD booster (NMN 250 Intake)


NMN is a precursor to NAD+, a molecule that declines with age and is important for cellular energy production. Dr. Sinclair’s research has shown that supplementing with NMN can increase NAD+ levels and potentially slow down the aging process.


92 years-old patient with diabetes

This pleasant lady, a diabetic on treatment for more than half her life, recently felt unwell and was investigated in a private hospital. She also had a past history of breast cancer treated 40 years ago. Her symptoms were nonspecific. She had lethargy, body aches, tummy pain, and a general feeling of weakness. She had difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, and her mind was hazy and cloudy. Tests done showed her diabetes was under control and no evidence of recurrence of cancer. A reassurance from her doctor that she had no major illness perked her up, but she lacked vigour and had no appetite. She was started on NMN by a doctor and within a week there was a miraculous change in her energy, and attitude to life. She was able to exercise and walked long stretches and a sense of general well being settled on her. Within a month of taking the supplements, she was baking cakes for her friends and relatives and started playing mahjong again!

NMN the precursor of NAD, has restored her energy level back to normal!

Christine K. a 74-year-old adventurer

Ever since she began taking it in 2021, she has witnessed a remarkable surge in her physical energy levels. This newfound vitality has empowered her to partake in activities that she once believed were beyond her capabilities.

For instance, she now takes two walks each day and dutifully looks after her beloved dog. What truly sets Christine apart is her adventurous spirit. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, she possesses the confidence and mental resilience to embark on journeys that many of her peers are too fearful to undertake.

She also shared her experience of feeling lacking in energy and wanting to be more involved in her grandchildren’s lives. After taking it, she noticed a significant increase in her energy levels, allowing her to actively engage with the younger generation and even embark on solo travels.

This supplement not only provided her with the physical energy she desired but also invigorated her mind, and renewed her sense of adventure.  

42-year-old coffee truck owner

I’ve been taking it since the beginning of 2023, and it gives me a lot more energy. I feel better and less tired than before and happily serve my customers, particularly during peak times.

As a coffee truck owner, I need to be completely aware and attentive all day long. During the morning hours, I am often on the truck, while in the afternoon, I engage in the roasting process upon our return. After taking NMN 250, I noticed that I do not need afternoon naps as often, and I seem to be more lively.

I recommend NMN 250 to others because I think it will benefit many people, especially when they are doing a lot of intensive work for a whole day and keeping their minds fresh.

44 year old lady with low energy

I’m 44 years old and I’ve been taking 1pill/day since Dec 2021 and I can see tremendous shift in my energy level! I now continuously do HIIT workouts 4 days in a row without feeling lethargic! I also noticed my pimples cleared much faster than before, now that’s a good side effect!